Murrieta Regional Animal Hospital Urgent Care Clinic

Animal care Hospital in Murrieta - Urgent Care Clinic

We are here to provide all of your pet's urgent care needs. We are open during the weekdays and weekends to provide the care your pet needs. We offer a wide range of critical care services. Our ability to provide urgent care services provides a relief to pets, pet owners, ER clinics and General Practitioners.

Lacerations: If your pet has a cut that is bleeding or was attacked by something- your pet needs to be seen to prevent further damage.

Foreign Body Ingestions: Our ability to do in house imaging helps us to provide the optimum care for your pet's potential foreign body.

Heatstroke: Overheating can be detrimental to your pet's health and this needs to be addressed right away.

Toxicity: Did your pet get exposed to something toxic? We can provide quick services to help assess and treat the situation.

Fractures/Orthopedic Injuries: Our digital x-ray machine helps us assess orthopedic injuries quickly and efficiently.

Ear Hematomas: We can diagnose and treat these with ease.

Vomiting/Diarrhea: Whether your pet has been having GI issues for a few hours or a few days- we can treat it.

Much, much more! Give our clinic a call at for your pet's ER or general wellness care.