Boarding for your Pet in Murrieta

Boarding for Pet in Murrieta | Boarding for Cat in Murrieta | Boarding for Dog in Murrieta

Our beautiful and large boarding facility makes us the top choice for your pet’s boarding care. We offer boarding for all types of 4 legged and 2 legged creatures. We go above and beyond to make sure your pet feels comfortable boarding with us while you are away. We also provided services such as baths, nail trims, and anal gland expressions. We can also perform medical services while you are away such as giving them medication and other medical procedures. We do require that each pet is fully vaccinated and pet owners bring their pet’s food during their stay. Please contact our office to find out more information about our boarding facility!

Animal Hospital Murrieta
Animal Hospital Murrieta
Animal Hospital Murrieta

Cat Condos

Our comfortable cat condos are the perfect place for your loved one to stay while you are away. Our cat condos are great for one cat households.

Cat Suites

Our cat suites are perfect for multi-cat or even single cat households. In the suites, your baby has the ability to hang out on the sofa or bed as they please. Each suite is equipped with a TV so if your pet has a favorite DVD, please feel free to bring that along.

Dog Kennels

Our dog kennels range in size allowing even the smallest 5 pound pet to the large 200 pound lap dog. Each dog is provided with their own kennel.

Dog Suites

Our dog suites are individually themed and you may pick your theme on arrival or booking. This mini-hotel suite is perfect for your pet’s home away from home stay. Each suite is equipped with a TV, sofa, and bed.